Saturday, 29 August 2009


Demo #2

Jawbreaker were a punk band from California. They had power, energy and a brilliant sense of melody that rivaled even the best bands. This demo was distributed on homemade tapes but never officially released. Check out Demo #1 too.


Friday, 28 August 2009


The Spitboy CD

Spitboy was a San Francisco political punk band founded in the early 90's by four women. This CD contains two EP's and an LP. Members of the band were either in, or went on to play in; Kamala And The Karnivores, Instant Girl, and Aus Rotten.


Multi Facet

In My Mind EP

Female fronted punk from the east bay, this band were around in the mid 90's and featured Jenean from Ojorojo on vocals. Some members also played in Grimple and Econochrist.


Thursday, 20 August 2009


I Am Homicide EP

A Chicago punk/garage band fronted by fiery vocalist Jenna Tyrade. If you like what you hear, check out the other 2 releases I've posted.


Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The Avengers

Avengers (Pink Album)

The Avengers are an American punk band formed in 1977 in San Francisco, CA, fronted by singer/ songwriter Penelope Houston. This release features singles and studio recordings from '77-'78 and was compiled by drummer Danny Furious. The Avengers played just over 100 shows and appeared with the Sex Pistols at Winterland, which led to a recording with Pistols guitarist Steve Jones.


Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Corrupted Morals

'86 Demo

One of the original Gilman Street bands, these guys played a mix of metal and punk featuring lyrics about life, society and Edwin Meese. Members over the years included Larry L from possessed and some guy from Green Day.


Corrupted Morals Live at Gilman 1987

Dip Dap

Live @ Stereo

Dip Dap are a DIY punk band straight out of Glasgow, Scotland. They started in June '08 and play sloppy pop punk with a mix of male and female vocals. This is a recording of the bands 5th gig. They also put out the zine 'I Can Smell It From Here' I posted last month.
You can download more at
or check them out at


Monday, 17 August 2009

Connie Dungs/ Operation: Cliff Clavin

Split CD

This is my 3rd Connie Dungs post, a snotty pop punk band from Kentucky, and my second Operation: Cliff Clavin post, a DIY political pop punk band from Indiana. These bands are definitely worth checking out.


Friday, 7 August 2009


Celery Beef And Iron

Originally named Shotwell Coho, this band consisted of Jim Broustis from Strawman and Arron Cometbus from an array of bands including Crimpshrine and Pinhead Gunpowder. This line up however did not work out and in '95, with a new lineup, Jim decided to rename the band Shotwell. After lots of touring and songwriting, the band settled down and recorded their first album 'Celery Beef And Iron' with Arron on drums once again, although I'm pretty sure this is the final time that Arron played drums for the band.


Anorak Girl

Plastic Fantastic

In 1996, Anorak Girl came out of nowhere, recorded some songs and vanished. Then, in 2008, they came out of nowhere once again and released a 7 track mini album 'Plastic Fantastic' with remastered songs from the original recordings. They are a girl/boy band and play a mix of indie/pop punk. Well worth checking out.



My Dad's A Fuckin' Alcoholic

A popular band from Denver who play grungy, raw punk. Members from the band went on to play in The Fluid.


Bette Davis And The Balconettes

Self Titled EP

This band formed in Manchester in late '96 and were loved by many, even John Peel who played them over and over again. They were called "the coolest boy grrl punk band in the world" and had a style similar to Huggy Bear and The Budget Girls. The band split in late '98.


Thursday, 6 August 2009

M Blanket


These guys are from Canada and have a similar style to Jawbreaker but were only around from '92 - '95. Check out their Seen It Coming 7'' too.


The Budget Girls

Get In Your Ear EP

This female fronted garage punk band consists of two go-go dancers from the USA who went to England to form a band with three garage kids from the N7 Action Sound scene.
The Budget Girls have a style similar to Skinned Teen and Bikini Kill, definitely worth a listen.


The Connie Dungs

No Chance EP

This is my second Connie Dungs post. Formed in 1994 in a small town in Kentucky, this snotty pop punk band gained many fans by making and selling their cassettes at many underground punk shows. Since then, they have had many releases on different labels but are still not as well known as they should be.
This EP was released in 1997 on Mutant Pop Records.


Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Brent's TV

Lumberjack Days 7''

A pop rock 'n' roll band from North California who play brilliantly simple music. They played the majority of their shows in laundromats with a huge gathering of friends dancing and singing on the washing machines.


Tuesday, 4 August 2009



This is my second Tyrades post, a punk band from Chicago with edgy female vocals. They have a raw, fiery energy and a sound that will leave you wanting more.


Monday, 3 August 2009

The Putrid Flowers

Young For The Last Time

A New York City based indie-punk band with a lyrical maturity and social understanding rarely found on punk records. This full length was originally titled 'On The Eve Of Saint Agnes' and explores the youth, innocence and hope associated with the old christian holiday.
You can download all the full lengths, EP's and unreleased tracks from the bands website for free.


'Bay Mud' - Compilation


A 90 minute compilation tape with 41 songs by 24 bands from all over the bay area, including: Lookouts, Rabid Lassie, Crimpshrine, Stikky, Sweet Baby Jesus and tons more.


Sunday, 2 August 2009


Demo #1

Jawbreaker were a punk band from California. They had an energy that rivaled even the best bands in terms of sheer power, but they also had a brilliant sense of melody that resulted in scores of timeless music. This cassette was distributed on homemade tapes but was never officially released.


One Man Running


These guys were a great early 90's pop punk band from Arcata CA. This demo tape was recorded in a living room using borrowed equipment. Check out this bands other release, 'Stress'.