Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Ghost Mice

The Debt Of The Dead

A two piece political, anarchist, DIY folk punk band from Indiana. Both members, Chris Clavin and Hannah Jones, have been in the bands Disarm, The Devil Is Electric and Operation: Cliff Clavin. They decided to play folk punk so they could tour easily, play almost anywhere and get rid of the usual restrictions of amps and equipment, often playing in backyards and on street corners.


Operation: Cliff Clavin

Paradise Lost

Operation: Cliff Clavin were an influential DIY political pop punk band from Indiana. Their songs are sloppy and recorded badly, which is how it should be; stripped down, simple, fast and smart.
More releases will be posted soon.


Monday, 27 July 2009

Retching Red / The Twats

Split 7''

Retching Red was an Oakland based hardcore punk band consisting of Cinder Block, formerly of Tilt, Mike Avilez, formerly of Angry Samoans, Adam Grant And Jake Dudley. The band have two full length releases as well as this split 7'' and have been on indefinite hiatus since 2006.

The Twats were a hardcore punk band from Washington DC fronted by loud and angry singer, Cuntess Twat. They have been compared to the likes of early AFI and Naked Aggression with lyrics ranging from sarcastic to heartfelt to witty. The band decided to call it quits in 2007.


Thursday, 23 July 2009

'Kill Deal For Fifty Cents' - Zine


In February 1987, Jesse Michaels from bands such as Operation Ivy, Big Rig, Common Rider and Classics Of Love, published his first fanzine 'Kill Deal For Fifty Cents'. Contains interviews, articles and art.


The Connie Dungs

I Hate This Town EP

A snotty pop-punk band from a small town in Kentucky, the Connie Dungs gained some degree of prominence in the American underground punk scene by doing sporadic gigs around the middle US. This is the third 7'' by the band and my personal favourite.
I will be posting a lot more Connie Dungs releases so keep your eyes open.


Wednesday, 22 July 2009

The Ruffianz

Straight Outta Disorder

A young Canadian band formed in 2003, this is the band's first full length released in 2008.
If you're in the mood for decent, loud and fast punk then this is for you.


The Rolling Scabs

Live At Gilman ST. Project EP

A short lived punk group fronted by two 13 year old boys. The band also consisted of an escaped mental patient on guitar. This EP was recorded at their first ever gig at the Gilman Street Project in Berkeley, 1988, with songs they had improvised that same day on the way to the gig. Two Years later one of the boys, Giuliano, died in an 'elevator surfing' accident while looking around an abandoned building.


False Sacrament

1993 Cassette

Described as 'new sound seekers', False Sacrament took metal, hardcore and jazz fusion and put them into a musical blender. In the early 90's, the band were signed to Very Small Records and toured the nation with similar genre blending band, Schlong.


Bikini Kill

The CD Version Of The First Two Records.

An American punk band from Washington, Bikini Kill is widely considered to be the pioneer of the riot grrrl movement and was well known for their radical feminist lyrics and fiery performances.
This CD contains their 1992 'Eponymous' EP and their half of the 1993 EP 'Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah', an album they shared with the band Huggy Bear.


Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Reptile House

I Stumble As The Crow Flies EP

Recorded by Ian MacKaye, this is Reptile House's best known release. They are a melodic post-punk band from Baltimore with a unique and surrealist lyrical style and delivery.
Worth a listen.


Porcelain Boys

If You Were Real 7''

Late 80's/ early 90's pop punk band from Minnesota with a Descendants and early Green Day style. They also have a track on the 'Can Of Pork' Comp posted earlier on this blog.
Porcelain Boys have a couple of other releases, but this is definitely their best stuff. I will probably be posting more of this band. Enjoy.


M Blanket

Seen It Coming 7''

Canadian band with a style similar to that of Jawbreaker, active from 1992-1995.



Incarcerated EP

Punk from Chicago with edgy female vocals. Their sound is nasty, raw and essential listening for anyone.
More Tyrades stuff on the way.


Monday, 20 July 2009

Steel Pole Bath Tub


Punk/noise band from Montana known for their chaotic and noisy style.


'I Can Smell It From Here' - Zine


First issue of the Scottish zine 'I Can Smell It From Here'. Only 10 copies made of which only about 2 were actually given out. Features interviews from Glasgow bands such as 4 Past Midnight, Poverty Scum, Shove and also contains articles and reviews.
Almost all of it is hand written, photocopied and put together. Completely DIY and d
efinitely worth a read.


Special Forces

Self Titled

Hardcore Punk from Berkeley California. Includes members from bands such as Fang and MDC. Tim Armstrong also played in Special Forces but not sure when.
Anyone with anymore information, let me know.


Rabid Lassie

Camel Toes Demo

Punk from Northern California. Features Jason Hammon from Downfall and Dance Hall Crashers.


Rabid Lassie Live at Gilman 1987

Nasal Sex


DIY Punk from California. 15 songs, each different from the last and varied in genre.


Nasal Sex Live at Gilman 1987

One Man Running

Stress EP

Found added on the end of the Fifteen album 'Extra Medium Kickball Star'.
6 very addictive and catchy pop punk songs, worth a listen.

Will be posting more One Man Running stuff soon!


Kamala And The Karnivores

Girl Band 7''

East bay band featuring Kamala, later in the Gr'ups, Cringer and Naked Agression, and Todd of Spitboy. Matt Freeman plays bass on the track 'Back To Bodie'.


'Can Of Pork' - Compilation


Released April 1992 after approximately one and a half years of debate, discussion, work and various other shit. Title ideas ranged from 'This Is Why We Are The Smart Punx' to 'The Thing That Ate David' before settling on 'Can Of Pork'.
29 songs featuring bands such as Lookouts, Blatz, Fifteen, Pinhead Gunpowder and lots more.